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The Makueni County Fruit Development & Marketing Authority takes pride of its authentic and natural line of products.

These include:
1. Mango Puree
2. Natural Juice
3. Purified Water  


Mango Puree

We offer high quality 100% Natural Mango puree full of natural taste and flavours, synonymous to the tropical mango fruit of Makueni.

Authentic and Natural Mango Puree

We remain a reliable B2B partner in provision of this product to the local, regional and international juice manufacturing industry.

Processing involves puree extraction from mango fruits, sterilizing and aseptic-packing the puree using no artificial colorant or taste enhancer.

These mango fruits are sourced from within Makueni County and also from other Counties making up the South-eastern Mango Belt in Kenya, i.e. Kilifi, Tana River and Kwale Counties.

Our Quality

Puree is processed in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) standards, from receipt of raw materials, cleaning and disinfection, pureeing, refining, sterilization, aseptic filling and storage at room temperature.

Thermal treatment guarantees product's safety, keeping its organoleptic and nutritional characteristics intact. All operations are carried out under high quality standards, in compliance with current legislation.

Physical Specifications 

ParticularsApple Mango PureeNgowe Mango Puree
Shelf life 24 months24 months
Colour Natural & characteristic ripe, health Apple Mango Color Natural & characteristic ripe, health Ngowe Mango Color 
Taste Natural & Characteristic Ripe Apple Mango TasteNatural & Characteristic Ripe Ngowe Mango Taste 
FlavorTypical Ripe Apple Mango Flavor Typical Ripe Ngowe Mango Flavor 
Brix15-18 deg.Ripe Apple Mango Flavor 14-16 deg.

Product Specifications

ParticularsApple Mango PureeNgowe Mango Puree
Brix15-18 deg.14-16 deg.
PH4.5 Maximum4.5 Maximum
Packaging205 kg Aseptic bag in mild steel drum fitted with a polyliner205 kg Aseptic bag in mild steel drum fitted with a polyliner

RTD Juice

100% natural and refreshing fruit juice produced via the highest quality control standards.

Quality, Natural Juice

Every bottle of Makueni Juice states the renowned and unmatched flavor of tropical Makueni fruits regardless of the season.

Our mangoes are handpicked at their optimum maturity from the fruit orchards of Makueni, naturally ripened, then crushed and bottled for your convenient experience of bursting tastes and natural flavors: typical of the Makueni mango

Coming in 300ml, 500ml and 1ltr bottles to your local store and shop. Enjoyed better chilled. 


Purified Water

Makueni Mist isn't just your average brand of purified water.

Our water is pre-treated by passing through glass, greensand, and 5-micron filtration to exclude chemical, organic and inorganic contaminants.

It then undergoes elaborate treatment through Reverse Osmosis and Ultraviolet disinfection for healthiest results.

Coming in 500ml, 1Ltr, 5Ltr and 20ltr bottles to quench even your deepest thirst.